Mark Young ~ Five Poems

A Line from Charles DarwinMark-Young

The symptoms of chickenpox
are descended from a long line
of priests, can lie dormant in the
sensory nervous system for years

simply by beating their tails from
side to side. By observing facts
through pre-sight neural tissue that
originally came from Africa, they

have reconciled with the heritage
of that fossil xylophone which gave
the family its name. Gene Kelly
plays the Larry Parks role superbly.

Fata Morgana

We’re sorry, but Cape
Tribulation’s weather
report is unavailable
right now. All of our
staff are out shoveling
snow in the federal
government’s under-
ground nuclear waste
repository in south-
eastern New Mexico.


F. Engels has been
studying bellydance
since 1997. At this time
he has on black form-
fitting ankle-length
leggings softened by
silkscreened images
of famous public
buildings, but access-
orized with fluoro
hydro-thermal vent
areas on the sides.


To finish the week-
end off, dinner with
some old friends &,
after, this amazing
gelato made from
an all natural
Russian karaoke
machine formerly
owned by the KGB
but now pensioned
off & living a quiet
life east of Omsk.


The O
of the








six varities
of birds


qualify / quantify / classify / ossify




the night
ualized as
the exo-
skeleton of
an eco-system




when it was


strident colour



troubadour docent

Bob spoke of volunteer service
at the Performing Arts Center.

Some of the assembled peasantry
were actually stationed there
developing interpretive materials —
| French chansons | popsongs | bossa
novas | — during the Cold War.

The scenic byway has been completed.
Welcome to the National Park Service.

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He had to get settled for the night.

After his eventual return to England in 1688

Selfies are usually
the worst, always more
than a little egocentric,
motives not always
as altruistic as they
seem. I’m quoting
Aristotle here, from
his treatise on how

photographs, slightly
altered to heighten
the dramatic effect &
produce more pleasing
images, helped shape
a theory of evolution.

© Mark Young

Born in Hokitika, New Zealand, & now living in North Queensland in Australia, Mark Young has been publishing poetry for over fifty-five years. His work has been widely anthologized, & his essays & poetry translated into a number of languages. He is the author of more than twenty-five books, primarily poetry but also including speculative fiction & art history. His most recent books are a chapbook of visual poems, Arachnid Nebula, from Luna Bisonte Prods, HOTUS POTUS from Meritage Press in California, & the ebook A Small Compendium of Bats, from Swirl books in Sweden.