Reading Between the Lines: Liminal Spaces in the works of T.S. Eliot by Jonathon Dey

Reading Between the Lines: Liminal Spaces in the works of T.S. Eliot by Jonathon Dey Poetry captures something that other mediums struggle with. Novels, prose and films are all effective at capturing spaces, thoughts, and moments but poetry captures the flickering space between the static frames of the ostensibly moving film or the void between more »

Springsteen, Six Muses & Me: Music & The Writing Process by Zoe Fraser

Abstract This paper recounts the journey I took to explore how a prose writer draws inspiration from music and lyrics, as opposed to the traditional sources of written texts in books. Dancing in the Dark, my ‘prose album’ based on Bruce Springsteen’s record album Born to Run, appropriates and reworks Springsteen’s universal themes and female more »

Beautiful Terror: The Great War Poets by Brentley Frazer

An examination of the emotional, intellectual, moral, ideological and aesthetic responses to the Great War in the poetry of Siegfried Sassoon, Wilfred Owen and Isaac Rosenberg. s the first global conflict, the Great War provoked intense and disparate responses from many artists, novelists and poets. This paper considers the work of Isaac Rosenberg, whose lower social standing more »

The Corpse In The Garden: TS Eliot, Iconoclast by Brentley Frazer

“Modernist art is perhaps the first consciously to absorb the principle for which Marshall McLuhan found words a generation later, that ‘the medium is the message.’ Modernist artists – in the novel, poetry, the drama, music, the dance, architecture and elsewhere – understand that, to articulate their sense of the differentness of modern experience and of being in the more »