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ANTHOLOGY Volume 001 2015


It’s taking shape! The first annual Bareknuckle Poet print anthology. This issue contains a selection of writers published here at Bareknuckle Poet during the past twelve months. It is NOT a ‘best of’ . . . it is a selection, and it was tough making that selection. If we included every author that we publish in the online journal every year (as much as we would love to), the print anthology would weight about forty kilos. Included in this first issue is a section dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the first reading of Howl by Allen Ginsberg. A. G. Pettet & Bareknuckle Books have organised a global celebration (check the details here) and we are publishing a selection of the poets who are reading at this event, alongside the full text of HOWL (under license) and a poem given to us by Gary Snyder himself. For those unfamiliar with the history of Howl and the Six Gallery reading, Mr Synder also read at this famous landmark event in the history of global literature.

The anthology will be available in early October. You are welcome to reserve yourself a copy and get priority shipping by dropping as an email to info@bareknucklebooks.com with RESERVE THE ANTHOLOGY in the subject line. If you would like us to put aside more than one copy, please mention this in the body of your email.

Here is a list of authors appearing in Volume 001:
(The Howl section is still being curated, all the names of authors appearing in this section are not included in the following list)

L. Ward Abel, Robert Adamson, Melissa Ashley, Lisa Marie Basile, Mandy Beaumont, Sally Breen, MTC Cronin, B. R. Dionysius, Maria C. Dominguez, Martin Edmond, Michael Farrell, Toby Fitch, Brentley Frazer, Claire Gaskin, Allen Ginsberg, Matt Hetherington, Eleanore Jackson, Anthony Lawrence, Alexandra McCallum, Tim McGabhann, Laura Jean Mckay, Corey Mesler, Reg Mombassa, A. G. Pettet, Mark Pirie, Rufo Quintavalle, Kris Saknussemm, Gary Snyder, David Stavanger, Todd Swift, John Tranter, Joanna C. Valente, Samuel Wagan Watson, Fakie Wilde, Mark Young, Ali Znadi + More

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The Editors
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Bareknuckle Blog News


howl-avid-bkpCompiling Volume 001 2015 of our annual print anthology has proven a monumental task. We found ourselves sidetracked for awhile with our ed-in-chief Brentley Frazer disappearing from HQ to write and record a commissioned poem for the Brisbane Poetry Map. Also, our first collected poet A. G. Pettet read from his book and chaired a pop-culture panel at The Brisbane Writers Festival on the weekend. Of course the whole Bareknuckle Books team were there to support him. Thanks to everyone who came along.

Did you notice that! We got sidetracked again, while talking about why we’ve been sidetracked.

Back to the anthology. The first in our annual series will be outstanding. Not only will it contain a selection of thirty incredible writers we have published in the journal over the past twelve months, it will also contain a special section edited by A. G. Pettet. In early October 2015, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first public reading by Allen Ginsberg of his timeless HOWL at Six Gallery, San Francisco 1955, A. G. Pettet has co-ordinated a global celebration. There will be readings in New York, Boulder, Paris, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Launceston. The special section will contain a selection of work from the poets who are reading globally and . . . wait for it . . . we have attained the rights from the estate of Allen Ginsberg and The Wiley Agency UK to publish HOWL, in the journal, in it’s entirety!

Volume 001 in paperback will be available soon . . . stay posted.

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The Editors
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