ROUND ONE: The Bareknuckle Poet Anthology 2015

BKP01-5.5x8-193x300Sometime in September Bareknuckle Books will publish the first annual ‘best of’ Bareknuckle Poet ~ Journal of Letters anthology. It’s not really a ‘best of’…because we don’t publish anything we don’t love…it’s more of a ‘selected’. Believe it, if it were a feasible thing to do, to publish a paperback containing everything we’ve published in our online journal, it’d weight six tonnes and the shipping alone would cripple anyone’s desire to purchase it. We will publish a selection of 30 authors across all of the genres in our journal. For ‘Round One’ all work considered we have published since the launch of Bareknuckle Poet (April 2014) until the 31st August 2015. If you would like your writing considered for the first annual anthology, you better hurry and submit some work!