Michael Farrell ~ Three Poems

The Concept Of The Queue As A Justification For Linearity Catching a bus offsets the cost of addiction. The Australian Stands at the front yet belongs at the back. Things Can be learned from browsing the fronts of books, but There’s no free ride when it comes to Reading Entering a bus in the middle’s more »

Samuel Wagan Watson ~ A Poem

Gulag Wind In memory of Liam and Frankie Davison…Flight MHI7 Between 1932-33 an estimated 7 million people were murdered or perished on Stalin’s concentration camps in the Ukraine. And almost 80% of the region’s intellectuals were handed death sentences, a majority without trial… Executioners are forensic raconteurs; their charges’ last words and breaths are always more »

Jeff Klooger ~ Five Poems

The First Experiment Pick a word or phrase at random* ― or try. Can it be done? Can you do it? If everything means something ― since meaning is ubiquitous, unstoppable, profuse, prolific, virulent ― all ostensibly senseless acts are really ciphers, keys unlocking declarations, stories, cries, befuddled rants, the whole storehouse and factory of more »

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    WEARER LOOKS HOT, WRITERS GET PAID – WIN WIN We commission and license designs from our favourite contemporary artists and print amazing t-shirts so you can help us pay the writers we publish for their work. When, finally, after crawling through hell on their face with their souls wrapped in white-hot barbed-wire, they get their more »

Robert Adamson, photo by Juno Gemes

Robert Adamson ~ Two Poems

The Long Bay Debating Society I spent my twenty-first in Long Bay Penitentiary Each day in the front yards We paced up and down At night I read novels And the poetry of Percy Shelley Sometimes an education officer Would turn up and ask What are you going to do with your future? I’d tell more »

Springsteen, Six Muses & Me: Music & The Writing Process by Zoe Fraser

Abstract This paper recounts the journey I took to explore how a prose writer draws inspiration from music and lyrics, as opposed to the traditional sources of written texts in books. Dancing in the Dark, my ‘prose album’ based on Bruce Springsteen’s record album Born to Run, appropriates and reworks Springsteen’s universal themes and female more »