Springsteen, Six Muses & Me: Music & The Writing Process by Zoe Fraser

Abstract This paper recounts the journey I took to explore how a prose writer draws inspiration from music and lyrics, as opposed to the traditional sources of written texts in books. Dancing in the Dark, my ‘prose album’ based on Bruce Springsteen’s record album Born to Run, appropriates and reworks Springsteen’s universal themes and female more »

Robert Paquin – A VideoPoem

  Ce court métrage explore en poésie le sens profond dun paysage forestier du peintre canadien contemporain James T. Palmer. This short film explores through poetry the profound meaning of a forest landscape painted by contemporary Canadian artist James T. Palmer — Screened at the International Festival of Cinema and Technology, in Seattle, Washington, in more »

Isobel Hodges – A Poem

Quiet Escape Bamboo handles of dollar store paintbrushes flake and peel, shed plastic shells. Crunch. Gaudy neon casings speck timber boards. Worn bristles scoop too much Copper Haze. Watch as paint conquers and creeps across canvas. Slide and slither. Microscopic villagers devoured by a molten surge. Coarse hairs escape and embed. Sturdy saplings in Teal. more »

Shadowboxing by John Leo

y greatest fear, the feeling that haunts my gut-twisted nightmares, the panicked, whispered song my quickened blood mutters through a muddy, bleary-eyed bluster, is the fear of being small. I’m a big man, as far as men go, standing taller than most, built high with bones wrapped tight in lean, bloody meat. People who meet more »

EM Healy – Four Poems

Necropolis 1918 They came from the centre surrendering to heroism We retrieving their light when they no longer can Remember a time before innocence dreamt itself Dust on his dungarees mending a rabbit fence With Sun-kissed stains on his leathered complexion The tableland sits down to a long afternoon’s lunch Spinifex settling into the loam more »

Interview with Kris Saknussemm

  From The Archives n January 2006 I met with ZANESVILLE author Kris Saknussemm outside Readings Bookstore on Lygon Street in Carlton, Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been a heavy user of the Internet for years now and I’ve met hundreds of people online. Kris is the first person I had the courage to meet in person. I still more »

Beautiful Terror: The Great War Poets by Brentley Frazer

An examination of the emotional, intellectual, moral, ideological and aesthetic responses to the Great War in the poetry of Siegfried Sassoon, Wilfred Owen and Isaac Rosenberg. s the first global conflict, the Great War provoked intense and disparate responses from many artists, novelists and poets. This paper considers the work of Isaac Rosenberg, whose lower social standing more »