Liam Ferney ~ Two Poems

Liam FerneyBy the river at Borva

The river’s chorus
of dusk birds
& what happens
to water
after boats carve
through it at speed.

Eloquence is not
naming things just
reduces them.

Defences disband,
buses shuttle
across the bridge,
buoys blink.

& like that
I find a poem
in the frayed ends
of a soft day’s
comings and goings.


The consolation of my two Barbers:
Rosario and Samuel.
The consolation of steel:
the bar’s familiar cradleclack.

The consolation of cashmoney,
the acquiring of it not its trophies;
filing dividend certificates
& sifting through REIT yields.

This morning like a letter
for a visa you don’t get.
There are sharks, not dolphins
at the end of this poem.

© Liam Ferney

Liam Ferney (1979-) is an irascible risk-taking entertainer who earns his living as a PR flak. Encountering, together with his colleague Jaya Savige, Forbes’ Ode to Karl Marx was one of the major events in his early career. Earlier still, from the age of 14 he was involved in poetry readings and festivals. His latest volume Boom was published in 2013.