Happy Birthday, Us

A year has passed since we rebooted as Bareknuckle Poet ~ Journal of Letters. New readers may not know our history…14 years ago we started publishing the best new literature we can find. In April 2001 Retort Magazine launched on the internet. Originally we published monthly issues (1 | 2 | 3 | 4), but then, for many years as our readership grew, Retort morphed and changed format many times. We continued on a semi-regular itinerary right through until January 2013 when my study, work and family commitments didn’t allow the time to read submissions. After a hiatus, the old team got back together and we relaunched in April 2014.

To celebrate we’ve trawled our archives and bought up some of the great poetry and short fiction we’ve published over the years.

Here’s a sample, more to come.

As always, thanks for reading

Brentley Frazer – Publishing editor
Bareknuckle Poet ~ Journal of Letters
Brisbane, Australia.

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