Matt Hetherington ~ Five Poems

It, Again like a child, naturally you want to make it new to make it powerful or pretty and be done with it before it’s ready to be free so you keep it inside and lord it over it like you’re the god that you don’t believe in … Temporary Like America it doesn’t rhyme more »

Jennifer McBain-Stephens ~ Three Poems

Field and Stream: Joan’s Mise-en-scene She was remembering that she was remembering… Stallions writhed in the Sully-sur-Loire muck Manes tangled up amongst legs and soap opera sighs Sunken curvatures, broken backs backed into themselves Joan pulls an arrow out of her own neck ties bloodlines eats grub infested porridge covers her face in mud Hundreds more »

Ali Znaidi ~ Six Poems

The Statutes Enfolding you in the mysticism of ancient epochs & current times, they talk vibrant history, either beautifully sculptured or amputated— [a good exercise in the historiography of resistance]. Don’t forget they tend to liken themselves to pieces of literature, too[eloquence w/out words]. They stretch out in museums’ halls [hallmark of pride]. I can more »