The Art of Poetry, with Julian Peters

In 2013, when Julian Peters, a comic book artist and illustrator living in Montreal, published the first nine pages of his yet unfinished visual adaptation of T.S. Eliots’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock on his website, poetry and art buffs all over the internet rejoiced at the lyrical and seemingly effortless quality of more »

The Rimbaud Collection by Julian Peters

  Bareknuckle Poet by exclusive arrangement with Canadian comic book artist Julian Peters brings you the Rimbaud Collection. Buy a Rimbaud T-shirt and help support new original writing. All proceeds go directly to paying our writers and other contributors. Julian’s beautiful designs are printed onto 100% cotton (or 50/50 poly/cotton baseball t’s) American Apparel t-shirts. more »

Buy A T-Shirt – Support Writers

    WEARER LOOKS HOT, WRITERS GET PAID – WIN WIN We commission and license designs from our favourite contemporary artists and print amazing t-shirts so you can help us pay the writers we publish for their work. When, finally, after crawling through hell on their face with their souls wrapped in white-hot barbed-wire, they get their more »