FIGHT: Round 1

We asked, and you delivered.

FIGHT: Round 1 features work by Stephanie Chan, Paula Ethans, Rose Hunter, K.A. Nelson, Katie Pukash, Thabani Tshuma, Les Wicks, and Zoe Alexandria Yapp.

Bareknuckle Poet will continue to publish & take submissions for FIGHT. Be sure to check out our submission guidelines and the pledge editorial for more information.

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Round 1 Poets

Stephanie Chan

Stephanie Chan is a UK and Singapore national poetry slam champion. They have represented these countries in international slams in Paris, Antwerp and Reunion Island. Currently based in Singapore, their first full-length collection, Roadkill for Beginners, was published by Math Paper Press in 2019. Their work has also been published in Corvid Queen, Suburban Review, Pressure Gauge Journal, Rambutan Lit and Griffith Review as well as various anthologies.

Paula Ethans

Paula is a Canadian woman who works as a human rights lawyer by day, and lives as a poet, spoken word artist, and writer by night.

Rose Hunter

Rose Hunter’s book of poetry, glass, was published by Five Islands Press in 2017, and her next book, Anchorage, will be published by Haverthorn Press (UK, 2020). These two poems are part of a new memoir-in-verse manuscript. Rose has appeared once previously in Bareknuckle Poet (in 2016). More information about her can be found at

K.A. Nelson

Late bloomer; slow poet/scholar – won a major poetry prize in 2010. Since then her work has been published in anthologies and elsewhere. Recent Work Press published her first collection, Inlandia, in 2018. She was guest editor, Not Very Quiet, Issue 4 in 2019, a Canberra-based online journal for women poets.

Katie Pukash

Katie Pukash is a writer, poet, and visual artist based in the Northend of Boise, Idaho. Her work has appeared in the Indianapolis Review, What Are Birds Journal, Yay! LA, Ink&Nebula, among others. She has also represented Idaho as a member of Team Boise at the National Poetry Slam in 2013, 2014, and 2018. Katie loves long walks through her neighborhood and singing loudly on front porches.

Thabani Tshuma

Thabani Tshuma is Zimbabwean born and raised, living abroad for the greater part of the last decade. His work is influenced by the myriad identity challenges of the diaspora, expatriates, and immigrants, while also addressing awareness around addiction, mental health, and generational trauma. He is currently in his final year of studying journalism, a 2019 Hotdesk fellow, Featured author with Djed Press, Slamalamadingdong’s 2019 Grand Slam champion, a member National poetry slam’s winning team, ranked among the top 50 slam poets worldwide at IWPS 2019 and Winner of the 2019 Melbourne Spoken Word Prize, People’s choice and Conveners’ choice awards. Writing is the aperture through which he views the world and experiences self in relation to others.

Les Wicks

Les Wicks has been published across 30 countries in 15 languages. His 14th book of poetry Belief (Flying Islands, 2019). He can be found at

Zoe Alexandria Yapp

Zoe Alexandria Yapp is an emerging poet. While she identifies as American-Malaysian, Zoe finds much of her inspiration in Canberra, passing days.

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