About BKP

“For those who protest that most of these thousands of journals can be dismissed as marginal—that we need pay attention to only a handful of “prestigious” ones, like Poetry and The New Yorker-—may I suggest that there could be a few Blakes or Dickinsons swimming with the guppies in that wide prosodic sea? If a truly titanic poet were to appear, wouldn’t one of the less visible but more adventuresome journals—-Retort Magazine, say (“we favor the cutting edge over the blunt of the handle, the avant-garde over backward walking”)—be more likely to be his or her publisher than would status-conscious professional journals like Ploughshares and American Poetry Review?”

– David Alpaugh, The New Math of Poetry, The Chronicle Review – The Chronicle of Higher Education Washington D.C, U.S.A Feb 21, 2010

Bareknuckle Poet Journal of Letters (BKP) is an open access humanities journal publishing from Brisbane in the hypothetical country known as Australia. Founded by Brentley Frazer in 2001 as Retort Magazine ISSN 1445-7164 until a forced change as a result of cyber squatters stealing the domain name, Bareknuckle Poet Journal of Letters resumed publishing with a new ISSN in late 2013. In 2014 the National Library of Australia commenced archiving the journal as a publication of national cultural significance.

BKP operates using an Editorial Board Peer Review model. Articles appearing in the journal are reviewed by an internal board of editors, not solely by one editor. The author’s identity may be known or unknown to the reviewing editor. The BKP board consists of founding editors, associates and guest academics/authors/editors/reviewers.

All editors at Bareknuckle Poet are experts in associated humanities fields, widely published authors and/or hold postgraduate qualifications specialising in literature and writing.

All written works are peer reviewed by our board, academic, creative and in between.

The BKP Editorial Board

★ Publishing Editor and Editor-in-chief: Jerzy Beaumont
★ Founding Editor and Consulting Senior Editor: Dr Brentley Frazer
★ Senior Editor: A. G. Pettet (BA Journalism, Grad Cert professional and creative writing)
★ Assoc. Editor (U.S): Professor Kris Saknussemm
★ Consulting Editor: Dr Lindsay Simpson
★ Consulting Editor: Sún Etheridge (BA editing and journalism)


In uncertain times, when war machines rumble over ancient bones on even older battlefields, as headlines shout WOLF like the boy (who eventually got it right) we awake with the jackhammers and buses and continue doing what we do. Like Rimbaud to his mother who asked “Will it lead anywhere, this . . . poetry?” We reply: “I don’t know; regardless . . . it’s what I do.”

That’s why Bareknuckle Poet publishes literature (if we need a reason).

Bareknuckle Poet Journal of Letters ISSN 2204 - 0420

Our Bareknuckle Poet visual logo, affectionately known as
‘Bareknuckle Arthur’ or ‘Roughed Up Rimbaud’ was commissioned
from and executed by our favourite comic book artist Julian Peters.

 Bareknuckle Poet ~ Journal of Letters ISSN 2204 – 0420
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