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Peter Bakowski ~ Three Poems

peter-bakowski-poetThe courage season

The days. You try to settle them in diaries, but they can’t be
Herded, tamed. They’re here to counter, perhaps best
Each chess move, your ability to push out from dead corners.

Curiosity, action and laughter are contagious as are their
Opposites. At crucial times you’ll need to go out on a limb to
Understand the landscape, to see the outlines of false paths.
Risk being a tightrope walker rather than a pedestrian. It’s
A case of attitude over altitude.
Go beyond data, dithering, staring at photographs of dead
Explorers. Today awaits your focus, imprint and bold steps.

Some self-examination is what the moral doctor ordered.
Excuses are crutches. Let them clatter to the ground.
A balance is sought but there are tremors, shifts, seizures.
Solutions come to the alert, the open-minded, excited by
Obstacles rather than dismayed. Perhaps right now there’s
No-one more in need of surprising than yourself.

. . .

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