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Ashley-Elizabeth Best ~ Five Poems

Ashley-Elizabeth BestUs, A Couple Years On

My carrion heart is stabled
beside deposits of nostalgia.
His empty flattery mumbled
into rogue word drifts.

I’m fiery throated, breath
him in whole. I snip off the
heads of decayed flowers,
their stalks eating at the light.
My hair unhooks from my
ear as I rearrange the glandular
pattern of pebbles circling the

The earth clasps the wind
pelts my face with rinds
of sand.

His arms are flexed cursive,
breaking the soil up by harrowing,
tattoos braceleting his biceps.

We’re tardy gardeners, him
tall and stiff-jointed, gangling
by. I clop over to the front
steps, finger the valvular
incompetence of my varicose
veins, feel the wiggle of my
adolescent wattle jaw, and
there he is still waiting for the
nightly worship of my pelvis.

The evening air turns pearly
sad. A fattened robin lops
a moth off the front door screen,
flubs away, wings promiscuous,
giving the evening a good larrup
with weighted wings.

. . .

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