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Andrew Galan ~ Five Poems

Responding to Fireflies in the GardenAndrewGalan

Frost, your epigram is mistaken
with its parenthetical assertion
critical of garden Lampyridae.
Hydrogen means atomically
fireflies always really are
stars at heart.

. . .

‘I will break their guitar.’ – Joan Miró, 1927

The Firefly Assassin

I read a poet writing how a poem is like
a firefly trapped in a glass jar and I thought
that’s a terrible metaphor
you’ve imprisoned, displayed, suffocated
for spectacle, interest, boredom.
But I know we do it
take trophies, torture, kill
until many of us grow up, learn not to
and my clichés are no better.
So this is right, disagreeable –
let’s keep executing poetry.

. . .

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