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PRESS RELEASE – The Howl that still shakes the world

image2The Howl that still shakes the world

Bareknuckle Poet launches its first annual anthology at Avid Reader on 9th October with global 60th anniversary celebrations of Ginsberg’s seminal work.


Bareknuckle Books

Bareknuckle Books’ first annual poetry + fiction + nonfiction anthology launches at 6pm on the 9th October at Avid Reader Bookshop, West End with global 60th anniversary celebrations of Ginsberg’s seminal work.

Bareknuckle Books has gathered together some of the best authors working today in its first annual poetry, fiction and nonfiction anthology; including Robert Adamson, MTC Cronin, Anthony Lawrence, John Tranter and Reg Mombassa. The anthology also features an officially licensed reprint of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl in its entirety.



The anthology launchs at the HOWL & the Six Gallery reading at Avid Reader, West End, which is part of an international series of poetry readings celebrating the anniversary of Ginsberg’s classic. A.G Pettet MC’s the Brisbane event, with readings of new original work by Anthony Lawrence, Bronwyn Lea, Brentley Frazer and Eleanor Jackson.


Bareknuckle Books is a daring and innovative new Brisbane based publisher that champions the editorial principle to ‘only publish what we fall in love with’. Launched in 2014 they are already garnering a name for hunting out new work from great writers, both emerging and established.


List of contributing authors: L. Ward Abel, Robert Adamson, Venero Armanno, Melissa Ashley, Lisa Marie Basile, Mandy Beaumont, Sally Breen, MTC Cronin, B. R. Dionysius, Maria C. Dominguez, Martin Edmond, Michael Farrell, Toby Fitch, Brentley Frazer, Claire Gaskin, Allen Ginsberg, Matt Hetherington, Eleanore Jackson, Anthony Lawrence, Alexandra McCallum, Tim McGabhann, Laura Jean Mckay, Corey Mesler, Reg Mombassa, A. G. Pettet, Mark Pirie, Rufo Quintavalle, Kris Saknussemm, Gary Snyder, David Stavanger, Todd Swift, John Tranter, Joanna C. Valente, Samuel Wagan Watson, Fakie Wilde, Mark Young, Ali Znadi + More


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A. G Pettet ~ Five Poems

AGPettetIn The Wake of Small Craft

I can still hear cicadas
in the churchyard
from where I sit
on the stone wall.
A black river
embedded in my skin
and lonely the ferryman.

Dawn Was Dragging Her Wings Among The Tears

Old ways mixed into new metaphor,
old habits hiding ancient truth.

Beneath the blackened railway bridge
the watch trick broke my mind.
A dark coat letting in a breeze,
two broken fingers,
his hand a dirty bandage.
Glass eyes, raw tracks
and time breaking down squealing.

A dog barking, rabies ravaging a futile mind
a sigil burned in it’s forehead.

A crippled horse pulls a rickety wagon
as prostitutes flash their cunts
in lucid dreams.

Footsteps in the dark,
the pavement an empty grave.
A watch,
a trick?
Two broken fingers
and the dawn waking.


Sudden eruptions of scar tissue on fingertips,
an unfeeling membrane ending touch.
In the mouth the tongue twists
vainly to taste itself.
Gloss washed over eyelids,
the coloured plastic crumpled in my pocket
and an old man pointing a bone at my back.

And The View Looks Like The Country

A clumsy child playing jacks
spills colours from between
clenched fingers.

It Is Wise

it is wisest to remove insolence,
and her entrails hang steaming on a fence.
the snow stained red by the setting sun.


© A. G Pettet
from the forthcoming collection Improvised Dirges (2015)