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Submissions of LIVE Reviews are Welcome

Bareknuckle Poet reviews in real time now, we are calling for submissions – 
The book review process is tedious.
  1. The author crawls through hell on their face to get published.
  2. The publisher (sometimes author, money’s that tight) gets robbed by Australia Post.
  3. The journal receives books from authors/publicists/publishers/everyone else involved.
  4. Conflict of interest is discounted because there is no guarantee the publication will be reviewed favourably.
  5. The journal has a stack of boxes of books waiting to be reviewed.
  6. The journal publishes a list of books hoping an interested party will peruse the list and find one they like.
  7. The journal gets robbed by Australia Post.
  8. The reviewer gets a free book and if we are lucky:
  9. Eventually the review arrives, often months, if not a year, after the book was published.
  10. This is of little use to the author with an entirely new book now, or to the journal who has content that is essentially a year out of date.
Bareknuckle Poet is trying something different. We want reviews of what is accessible, now, online. Most authors/poets are very busy promoting/publishing their work on the internet, either aiming to attract the attention of agents/publishers or to promote a newly published book. We figure paying some extra attention to their work in real time can only be beneficial to both of these aims, even if the press is bad.
Bad press is a myth, remember.

We will begin with the following:


Poetry: PROFILE THE POET and then review their works online, either in other journals or the authors blog/website (yes, instagram poets are acceptable) Include references (not necessarily academic) to where you read the work in the form of URLs.


Spoken WordPROFILE THE POET and then review videos that contain a vocal track of the poet performing/reading their own work (youtube, vimeo, etc. Audio only is passe; if it’s an original vocal recording by yourself make it into a video with at least moving images of the author or their words) Please include with the text review a url to the video so we may embed.


Constraint: Max words – 1000
We also welcome interviews, editorial pieces, op-eds, book reviews and reviews in general.
Video interviews or text interview submissions should be accompanied by relevant photographs or other imagery.


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