Place Theory by Tantra Bensko

tantra-benskoRemember when the death of award-winning journalist, Claire Daleen was in the news a couple years ago? She was found decapitated, with her ears cut off. And then – nothing. There was a case that just got started two years ago but was thrown out of court. There were lots of deaths at that time, but only a few rumors online about how they were all related to the court case. Then, the journalists who put those pieces up died too, and all references were scrubbed from the net.

I couldn’t let it go.

I had a suspicion.

You’ve gotten this in your email folder, probably spam, because it was sent out automatically to everyone. People need to know. You are being led to believe our Counter-Intelligence is innocent, but I tell you they are using vile methods of indoctrinating people beyond anything you can imagine. They’ve always told gullible people lies, knowing those victims would, with good intentions, disseminate the disinformation for them. The CIA owns the media under the Mockingbird Program. The news hoaxes stories all the time using green-screen methodology. Even voice-to-skull technology has been in use for nearly a century.

The facts speak for themselves. But the material I was able to obtain about the case was heavily marked with thick black marker. Some of it was possible to read through that, and other parts I reconstructed the best I could, using only common sense and imagination of a layperson. Perhaps too many parts have I left redacted. I know it can get frustrating to read them, but it would have been more annoying if I hadn’t filled in most redactions with my own words. I know my reconstruction doesn’t sound like the actual legal jargon but I’m not familiar with it, so just consider it as if you were reading a Alternate World in which lawyers spoke like you and I. Work with me on this. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Please don’t look too carefully into who I am. I don’t have close family or I wouldn’t have taken the chance of doing this, for fear of retribution. I gave my pets up for adoption so they’d be safe. But still….

I am not receiving any money for this reconstruction. I’m just passionate about truth. I don’t know anything about law, and I don’t want to bring suspicion on myself by looking things up.

I’m just displaying the folder for documents related to the case and laying them on the table for you. Read the recording of the presentation of the documents on their table. The first is Claire Daleen’s log she created for just this occasion. She was well respected as a journalist for her clear thinking. Eventually during the course of this log, you can tell she was indoctrinated by the Counter-Intelligence ploy in question. Think what you will. Just don’t let a lifetime of propaganda sway you to knee-jerk reactions against this truth.


Court recording of evidence presented in the Charles Dundsworth Case, as recorded by court secretary Becky Albernath:

Attorney James Ancel REDACTED to the document presented below, Exhibit A, transcription from the handwritten notebook of Claire Daleen, and filed with the notebook in one envelope. The notes were found in her pocket. The booklet has a hand-made cover with the words “READ ME, POLICE: Prepared for Court Evidence.”

March 30 1 P.M. I, CLAIRE DALEEN, am recording this to be read in court as official statement in the future, and recommend that an autopsy of my body be done, if I die with this thing undiagnosed, by an impartial doctor. Surely other people have plants growing from their ears as well. It can’t just be me. I don’t even know if they are plants, because they can’t be pulled out, or burned or snipped. My husband RICHARD PHILIP DALEEN, has tried, reluctantly, upon my request. The tendrils move and align with something, I assume the sun, perhaps influenced by ionics. In fact, they are moving right now.

They possibly move toward certain ideas. When I’ve learned certain new facts, they’ve seemed to grow, though that is hard to tell for sure, small as they are, and nearly invisible. They are tropic towards people speaking on certain topics, even on the news. They are sensitive to forces of indoctrination and any awakenings to the evil of those forces.

I’m careful to hide this notebook at all times from Richard, so he won’t worry. He is gone often traveling Internationally with a job so secret he can’t tell me who he works for, leaving me alone with this monstrosity. He loves me as much as ever, if not more so. I can tell because he is giving me diamond ear-rings lately, huge ones that he wants me to wear all the time to prove to the world that he loves me in spite of the articles I wrote about social engineering by the CIA, using the Mockingbird Project reporters and newscaster, to convince people they should hate the countries our government decides need to be our new enemies.

I’m beginning to believe the articles cast aspersions on him, because I think he works for them. I’m sorry if I’m revealing national secrets to the court. He asked me to wear the ear rings even when I sleep. That seems strange, but I do care for him. They are somewhat painful against the pillow at night.

I worry people will laugh at me about the fibrous plants growing out of my ears, not so much because they will notice, but because the tendrils are so incredibly thin, most people will in fact not notice them even if I point them out. They would feel too silly to look closely enough to see them and act as though they could be real. I can’t stand the feeling people think I’m delusional. My career speaks for itself. I suppose Richard feels the diamonds are a way to bolster my self-esteem even through the night.

Sometimes I get suspicious of the people at the grocery story in the plant area. But I as yet have nothing to suggest anything untoward.

I’m off to an appointment with a distant friend who is a scientist, He is willing to counsel me on this matter. Richard is currently in Russia, and I need to talk to someone. I’ve decided not to tell Richard about it. The ear plants have been there for weeks and he hasn’t been very helpful or concerned so far, so he doesn’t need to know, does he?

9 P.M. My scientist friend, CHARLES DUNDSWORTH, investigated my situation in his lab and came to startling conclusions. They’ve grown deep into my brain, the roots following along the vestibulocochlear nerve. The roots of these tiny plants, he said, according to the CAT Scan, branch off into the depths of the cerebral tissue to pull nourishment from it, what kind we don’t know. (Sometimes I’ve had the sense of them burrowing deeper, and going in there while I was researching my article about social engineering.) They seek the sun, their leaves photosynthesizing for further growth, providing the ability to grasp available carbon molecules from the air. The ear plants are constructed of self-replicating segments that vibrate in complicated rhythms Charles couldn’t decipher. He referred to this as Place Theory, something scientific that sounded intriguing, but complicated. Like ordinary plants, their sap travels up and back down — into the brain in my case. And he said he believed he found something like seeds blowing off their tips. For safety’s sake, he didn’t want to get too involved, and has remained silent on this matter with the press.

31st 4 A.M. Charles questioned my redaction of my previous conclusions about social engineering being immoral, in my second column in the series for the Post, but I’m not the type to hold back important new information from my public even if it means changing my mind. For the last couple weeks, I have been hearing the voice of God. I never believed in God before. People always saw me as a skeptical, even-keeled, reasonable person, and my MMPI results confirmed I was sane. My journalism career was hard-hitting and materialistic. I always thought religion was for nuts.

Now, God’s presence is incontrovertible. I love God now. My husband is completely behind my telling the truth about my mistaken conclusions in my articles, and explaining it as a natural event, perhaps something like the 100th monkey, in which so many people have the same idea at the same time. It’s not socially manipulated at all!

He is very glad I have gone to God. My previous article detailing what looked to me to be egregious propagandizing and underhanded orchestration of events by people with connections to Intelligence were misguided. I just thought most people were gullible, indoctrinated, and now I realize I was wrong. No social engineering happens at all. I’m glad not to be paranoid any more. I’m glad God has been explaining these things to me in a way that Richard agrees with so wholeheartedly. I am blessed.

April 1 2 P.M. To explain further. This Divine Being has told me, internally, that the CIA would never do anything wrong, and that it’s a noble profession consisting of upstanding citizens I should not question. I should not mind if that’s what it is my husband is involved with. I doubt he is, or we’d have more money. He doesn’t seem like the REDACTED sort of a man. I think his job is mundane.

I got the strange sense that there are new methods of Counter-Intelligence now that are beyond any I could imagine, but the Being said not to worry about it, that it doesn’t concern me anyway.

My boss at the Post did not particularly like my original trouble making-article about the trends in films since the 1940s. The movies to convince the public of imminent alien invasion. He knows he has to placate me if he wants to keep me on staff and let me publish what I’m passionate about from time to time. I’m the journalist making the most money for the paper, and one of the few that isn’t a CIA asset or agent. The Post has to keep on a few of us or the smarter readers get suspicious.

I wrote about how the movies suggesting aliens attacking us actually make our citizens want more military build-up, more funding for the military, just like Ronald Regan said would happen. My boss would have fired me but the new redacting article more than makes up for that original misguided one. My first article also discussed how the movies make whomever our government wants to go to war against seem alien, and evil. Now, I see I was wrong.

In the first article, I laid out reasons the government wanted to go to war other countries, them which I mistakenly perceived as selfish and manipulative, having to do with oil and drugs, gun-running, and human trafficking. I revealed things about the methods of propaganda through media and other CounterIntelligence hoaxes that most readers of mainstream mass media would have never come across. I explained how all the faked Nordic aliens back in the ‘40s and early ‘50s that were done to make people embrace Germanic peoples. That had to be done to make people embrace the Nazis brought over with Project Paperclip.

Now I wish I hadn’t written that first article. I was reading too much into things. That’s what I said in my second article. I hope people believe it, and settle down, and trust our government. I have seen the light. Our government is benevolent. Forgive me: God’s voice, which told me about this in recent weeks, is who I mean when I refer to “inside sources” in my new article. I know this is not considered good journalistic standards. But when I went by my own logic, I was misguided. We apparently can’t go by gut feelings and evidence. Instead, we need faith.

There is no conspiracy to get the public thinking in any particular way through movies and video games after all. Their creators just all happen to have the same idea at the same time. Their directors all happen to sincerely hate the foreign leaders that later our government choses as our enemies to go to war with. It’s not an overall message to make us see them as evil, and easy to kill off without conscience.

I have learned the mysterious power of the REDACTED. It is not sinister, just a normal thing that so many people suddenly flocked to Berkeley Labs, the far end of the Presidio in SF, and the “haunted” naval yard in Alameda a couple months ago, which I noticed every time I drove by those places when I was researching my articles. I saw unprecedented lines out front that went on for many blocks. It was just chance, not something the people have been mind controlled to do. And the preponderance of those movie themes isn’t related to a conspiracy of propaganda. Everything is really OK. I just need to get more iron in my diet. Anemia can make one get strange ideas. Richard says I should eat more meat, and not so many plants. He joked that’s why I’m turning into one. Haha. He’s funny.

Charles also suggested last week that I read Jung and Rupert Sheldrake. I keep their books by my bed now. It’s eerie. Or earie! I believe the ear-plants are interested in them. I almost think they grow larger from independent thinking, which actually causes me some pain due to the stretching of the holes in my eardrums. Also I’ve begun to suspect their fibers wave toward topics as are relevant to my telling God’s message: “don’t worry, be happy; things are more simple than they seem; people in power are at heart good.” I’m going to read more now about how we are all connected subconsciously and by a field of oneness and see if I can get some sleep. I am loved. I am God’s child.

April 2 3 A.M. I am reading about the ear and learning that the hair cells activate receptors in response to pressure waves from sound. The vestibular nerve carries information, such as about balance, which explains why I have been so dizzy lately, and having to hold onto the railings, and have fallen over a few times. The vestibular nerve is the pathway along which the cilia in the ear send information to the brain. Tiny hair cells of the organ of Corti activate receptors in response to pressure waves reaching the basilar membrane through the transduction of sound. No one really knows yet how the neurons of the cochlear nerve transmits the sound.

REDACTED have used cochlear implants to study pulses in the ears using electrodes along the membrane. Some scientists try to explain it through Place Theory: our hearing of sounds come from each frequency producing vibrations along the basilar membrane. The membrane vibrates according to certain frequencies. Something to do with the natural arrangement of auditory neurons. I guess it’s like a string on a violin. Kind of beautiful, really, the human body, and how mathematical everything is. Now I see what he was talking about. Place Theory. It makes sense.

8 A.M. I am now reading about self-replicating nano-bots which they are creating at Berkeley Labs. I wish I could have slept in, but I’ve been awake since dawn, going over these things in my head. Lack of sleep is starting to affect my pulse, which is getting irregular.

What I learned: nano-bots pick out atoms and put them together, and to do that, use propulsion that is based on cilia — like what is in the ear canal. And the REDACTED needs a “brain.” I think there are some nano-bots in my ears canals literally using my brain. Electrical charges conduct along the nano-bots give them the frequency commands to replicate by pulling carbon molecules out of the air.

Once I read that, I removed my earrings tonight so fast I tore my left earlobe a bit. Even the steel posts would have outgassed carbon along with the diamonds into the vicinity of the ear plants. The diamonds have been feeding the nano-plants.

I shudder at these thoughts coming into my mind. Thoughts about my husband. About why he gave me the earrings. About why Betty and Andrea’s husbands might have given them gaudy ear rings as well lately. Their husbands being Richard’s closest friends, I shouldn’t ask them directly if they have ear plants. But I aim to find out. This is a nasty development. Frightening indeed.

I wonder if Betty and Andrea have done something to me.

I see the microprocessors in the nano-bot pull carbon molecules off of even carbon dioxide and that’s all they need to grow, though not such a fast pace as if they are around more pure forms of carbon off-gassing. There is nothing I can do about plain air. I’m fucked.

10 A.M. I am reading about artificial plants proposed in the 50s by Edward Moore to use as machines that could draw on air, water, and dirt yet photosynthesize from the sun as well using a solar battery to self-replicate and create whatever shapes they were programmed to grow in.

10: 30 A.M. I am reading about plant bio-technology, inserting DNA into flora. Nano-fiber arrays of animal material grown on chips will bind DNA to the plant fibers and the cells grow. Damn.

11:00 A.M. Please take these notes to the police if you find this and there is some question about my whereabouts, or if I am found dead. I am now convinced that these are bio-nano-technology growing in my ears. I believe the cilia in my canals allow this to work. The frequencies of sound along my ears are being vibrated by the nano-fibers running along the nerve. The vibrations against my membrane are creating the words I’ve been hearing. It’s Place Theory at work. There is no Goddamned God. Fuck Fuck Fuck. I hate God now. I — oh forget it.

11: 30 A.M. I’ve got to see Charles. I’m not going to talk to my husband about this until I tell all in my next article for the Post. I may get blacklisted for this, but I don’t care. I may get divorced. But if my suspicions are right, Richard wants this plant take-over to be happening to me. And maybe to his friends’ wives too. One of them is a famous songwriter, and maybe she’s been putting out some lyrics encouraging people to look beyond media lies. The other one is a screenwriter. I can only imagine the dangers of someone like that wising up to what’s going on in the world and getting it out to the public. And I can see how both songs and movies would be the perfect places to get across divine messages about how we should just be innocent and trusting like babes — how there is a God who speaks to us, how our government is a lovely liberal place that loves us.

No wonder Betty smiled so much last time I saw her. And wore that horrid pastel pink dress. Her nano-bots must have been telling her everything is nice. Nice!

Richard could well be involved in International Espionage. Now, I think the plants are working in conjunction with his purposes. I now believe the nano-plants to be Counter-Intelligence grows information to give people within their own ears. They grow false propagandistic stories in their own ears, segment by segment in order to indoctrinate the public by what the implanted people say.

People prone to independent thought have the right nourishing REDACTED activated in their brains to make the implants grow and propagate the messages that are vibrated specifically for them to hear and dispense. The messages confuse the government’s enemies who believe them to be true. This is how CounterIntelligence always works. The thing is –the enemy is not just terrorists or spies from other countries but domestic truth-seekers.

If Charles confirms the logic of this, I will leave Richard immediately, and look for a country that will harbor whistle-blowers. I might have to sneak the article into the Post, even bribe the typesetter. I should change the cover on it, as possibly even police are in on this.


End of Exhibit A.

This log, Exhibit A, was verified to be Claire Daleen’s handwriting by the Graphology expert, Jane Cunningham.

I have always had great respect for Claire Daleen. I read a lot of her articles and felt she had solid ideas reasonably explained. Then, when she suddenly got religious, the writing quality suffered, in my opinion. She no longer seemed like herself, logical, and articulate. I’d seen that happen before. And it made me curious. I started searching about her online to see what insights I could get. Nothing. Until I discovered who her husband was. He’s still alive. He’s the one to watch out for. Or rather, the agency who gives him his orders.

I can’t pass the video itself or the photos along to you. I couldn’t get them, myself. But this document below tells you what they captured:


REDACTED by Attorney James Ancel re: C. Dundsworth case, as recorded by court stenographer Millian Nanenze, June 20 during REDACTED for trial scheduled for July 30:

James Ancel states:

Charles Dundsworth called 911 and Officer Morrey rushed to Mr. Dundsworth’s lab at REDACTED Street, April 2 at 10 PM. This is how the situation began when police arrived on the scene.

Acting Officer Handel Morrey recorded the scene in entirety REDACTED watch on Officer Morrey’s video (Exhibit B) what happened, although any interpretation of it would require expert testimony. We do not at this time have any REDACTED. To sum up the video: Morrey breaks down the door and enters the lab. Mrs. Daleen is holding tweezers and digging around in Dundworth’s right ear, which is bleeding profusely. She yells: “It spread! It has seeds!” Dundsworth yells to Morrey to save him.

He asks the officer to treat her gentle. He says: “She isn’t crazy. She isn’t trying to hurt me. Be kind. Just get her off me.”

Morrey’s video shows something we have never seen before – plants growing profusely out of her ears. Large green leaves like vines, with tendrils. She’s bent over, REDACTED on Dundsworth’s inner ear. Some of the tendrils slide across the desk toward the notebook, and Morrey grabs it just in time, REDACTED to be evidence. The tendrils come after him when he does so. He shoots them multiple times, but that does not affect them. His movements when he’s trying to escape cause them to tangle up in the equipment.

“It’s all steel,” she shouts. “The lab is full of carbon atoms.” The plants continue to grow toward Dundsworth, and grab him around the neck. Some enter his mouth and nostrils, and some of the smaller tendrils enter into his tear ducts. They cover the whites of his eyes. He screams and tries to pull them off. Morrey calls for back-up.

Morrey’s surprised she asks for help. “Stop the plants,” she yells. “They’re trying to kill him because he knows too much about them.” She throws the tweezers and tries to run in the opposite direction from Dundsworth, but the plants are attached.

Morrey shoots her in the left ankle but that doesn’t stop the plants. Dundsworth, stumbles, and falls down. He was later identified as deceased from strangulation.

Tendrils threaten Morrey when he gets too close. They wrap themselves around Mrs. Daleen’s neck and strangle her. At the time of death, the plants stop all movement.

That is the end of Morrey’s video.

When Officers Jane Twiley and Henry Murphey entered the lab, they took corroborating photographs of the scene of the crime. See the prints within the package labeled Exhibit C.

Morrey is unable to speak to us today. He’s in rehab and has put in his resignation. Twiley and Murphey are here today to talk to you, after myself, about this incident. The husband, Richard Daleen, is out of the country and cannot attend.

Autopsy has not yet identified the plant material, because the plants decomposed when she died. They are now REDACTED ash. REDACTED bag, Exhibit D. The REDACTED broke down so quickly, REDACTED positive identification other than a high incidence of carbon.

I recommend the log by Mrs. Daleen, Exhibit A, be REDACTED. I recommend bringing in Betty and Andrea for testing in a nano-bot lab. REDACTED stop their progress REDACTED.

End of Mr. Ancel’s speech for the Discovery Report June 20 recorded by Becky Albernath

The testing never happened. The plants were not tested further. Claire Daleen was not allowed an autopsy. No family members were allowed to see her, an no photos made public. She was cremated quickly. What does that tell you?

Officer Jane Twiley was also found dead one month after.


Officer Jane Twiley REDACTED:

I put in a request for a month to rehabilitate from the effects of what I saw and photographed. REDACTED Exhibit C. Plants growing into eyes. I been experiencing just in the last hour a voice that, if I was a religious woman, I would assume to be God. I also feel a sense of movement in my ears, as if something is growing there. I was exposed to a REDACTED spores at the Lab, and even though my ears were cleaned. Something could have remained. This could be suggestibility after the trauma. Or it could not. The Voice says it is not. It says not to worry. It’s really OK.

End of Officer Twiley’s REDACTED June 20 recorded by Becky Albernath

If you are reading this, it is because I have been murdered. It was worth it to get the truth out so please don’t just let this go. Look into the methods the CIA uses to inculcate their agenda.

The threat of automatic distribution of information was how I tried to keep from being killed, at least until I could learn more, put the pieces together, find a lawyer I could trust to consult with me on how to present this to you in a more legally correct fashion.

I found one. I’m hoping I can trust her. Really, really hoping.



© Tantra Bensko

Tantra Bensko teaches fiction writing through UCLA X Writing Program, Writers College, and her academy online. Her latest book is a Slipstream novella, Equinox Mirror, from ELJ and forthcoming is the SF novel, Unside: A Book of Closed Time-Like Curves.