B.R Dionysius

B. R. Dionysius Poems: Six from 2004: BKP ARCHIVES

B. R. Dionysius ~ Six Poems B. R. Dionysius Poems ★ B. R. Dionysius is a Generation X contemporary Australian poet, editor & educator. His poems have appeared in numerous national & international anthologies, journals, magazines, newspapers & other periodicals. He was born in Dalby, Queensland. He was founding Director of the Queensland Poetry Festival. His more »

Ian MyBryde

Ian McBryde ~ Three Poems

Three Poems by Ian McBryde For over four decades McBryde’s poetry has been widely published and anthologised in Australia and overseas.  First PUBLISHED BY RETORT MAGAZINE, ON FEBRUARY 18TH, 2004 Under Pink Triangles Spent, one of the senior Kapos withdraws from the prisoner’s mouth, and fills the young man’s hand with crusts of bread. In more »

Michael Farrell ~ Five Poems

  ♾ PUBLISHED BY RETORT MAGAZINE, ON DECEMBER 9TH, 2003 grunge obsession try the picture left us unimpressed shattering cannibals apparently just like our fountain a lowclass ape which the city of lessons — girlism got him to clean up for once all i knows been exaggerated badges worn just for the shine flying meant being more »