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Essay Science Fiction

The Road to Galactic Serfdom – War, Tyranny, and Terror in the First Two Star Wars Trilogies by Dan Sanchez


1-cuPY-LGTRX5sBEv5IesGQgStar Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters this week, continuing the cinematic saga of an interplanetary civilization’s struggles with galactic war and tyranny. It will be watched by millions whose own civilization is beset by global warfare driven by a planetary empire on the verge of descending into a militarized police state. So now would be a good time to review the lessons to be found in the first two Star Wars trilogies concerning the road to universal serfdom and how to keep off it.
The story of how the Galactic Empire arose is told in the prequels trilogy. The whole process is orchestrated from within the Galactic Republic by Palpatine, a seemingly benign politician who is secretly Darth Sidious, grand master of the Sith, a power hungry order of mystic warriors wielding the dark side of the Force. The Sith are a dark reflection of the Jedi Knights, who use the Force to protect life and in service to the Republic.

Sidious is the “phantom menace” who, aided by his apprentice Darth Maul, covertly manipulates the galaxy’s republican government to progressively increase his own power, steadily advancing toward a total Sith coup. Just as with real life democracies, the Galactic Republic masks the machinations of the true wielders of power with the facade of “representative government” and drapes their seizures of still greater power with the sanctifying mantle of “popular sovereignty.” The Sith can be seen as an analogy for the deep state.

Sidious’s implement of choice for accumulating power is war. His modus operandi is as follows. He first manufactures an interplanetary conflict and crisis, manipulating one side as Palpatine and commanding the other side as Sidious. He then engineers enhancements of his own power over the Republic, justifying them as regrettably necessary for decisively dealing with that crisis.

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Experimental Science Fiction

Place Theory by Tantra Bensko

tantra-benskoRemember when the death of award-winning journalist, Claire Daleen was in the news a couple years ago? She was found decapitated, with her ears cut off. And then – nothing. There was a case that just got started two years ago but was thrown out of court. There were lots of deaths at that time, but only a few rumors online about how they were all related to the court case. Then, the journalists who put those pieces up died too, and all references were scrubbed from the net.

I couldn’t let it go.

I had a suspicion.

You’ve gotten this in your email folder, probably spam, because it was sent out automatically to everyone. People need to know. You are being led to believe our Counter-Intelligence is innocent, but I tell you they are using vile methods of indoctrinating people beyond anything you can imagine. They’ve always told gullible people lies, knowing those victims would, with good intentions, disseminate the disinformation for them. The CIA owns the media under the Mockingbird Program. The news hoaxes stories all the time using green-screen methodology. Even voice-to-skull technology has been in use for nearly a century.

The facts speak for themselves. But the material I was able to obtain about the case was heavily marked with thick black marker. Some of it was possible to read through that, and other parts I reconstructed the best I could, using only common sense and imagination of a layperson. Perhaps too many parts have I left redacted. I know it can get frustrating to read them, but it would have been more annoying if I hadn’t filled in most redactions with my own words. I know my reconstruction doesn’t sound like the actual legal jargon but I’m not familiar with it, so just consider it as if you were reading a Alternate World in which lawyers spoke like you and I. Work with me on this. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Please don’t look too carefully into who I am. I don’t have close family or I wouldn’t have taken the chance of doing this, for fear of retribution. I gave my pets up for adoption so they’d be safe. But still….

I am not receiving any money for this reconstruction. I’m just passionate about truth. I don’t know anything about law, and I don’t want to bring suspicion on myself by looking things up.

I’m just displaying the folder for documents related to the case and laying them on the table for you. Read the recording of the presentation of the documents on their table. The first is Claire Daleen’s log she created for just this occasion. She was well respected as a journalist for her clear thinking. Eventually during the course of this log, you can tell she was indoctrinated by the Counter-Intelligence ploy in question. Think what you will. Just don’t let a lifetime of propaganda sway you to knee-jerk reactions against this truth.


Court recording of evidence presented in the Charles Dundsworth Case, as recorded by court secretary Becky Albernath:

Attorney James Ancel REDACTED to the document presented below, Exhibit A, transcription from the handwritten notebook of Claire Daleen, and filed with the notebook in one envelope. The notes were found in her pocket. The booklet has a hand-made cover with the words “READ ME, POLICE: Prepared for Court Evidence.”

March 30 1 P.M. I, CLAIRE DALEEN, am recording this to be read in court as official statement in the future, and recommend that an autopsy of my body be done, if I die with this thing undiagnosed, by an impartial doctor. Surely other people have plants growing from their ears as well. It can’t just be me. I don’t even know if they are plants, because they can’t be pulled out, or burned or snipped. My husband RICHARD PHILIP DALEEN, has tried, reluctantly, upon my request. The tendrils move and align with something, I assume the sun, perhaps influenced by ionics. In fact, they are moving right now.

They possibly move toward certain ideas. When I’ve learned certain new facts, they’ve seemed to grow, though that is hard to tell for sure, small as they are, and nearly invisible. They are tropic towards people speaking on certain topics, even on the news. They are sensitive to forces of indoctrination and any awakenings to the evil of those forces.

I’m careful to hide this notebook at all times from Richard, so he won’t worry. He is gone often traveling Internationally with a job so secret he can’t tell me who he works for, leaving me alone with this monstrosity. He loves me as much as ever, if not more so. I can tell because he is giving me diamond ear-rings lately, huge ones that he wants me to wear all the time to prove to the world that he loves me in spite of the articles I wrote about social engineering by the CIA, using the Mockingbird Project reporters and newscaster, to convince people they should hate the countries our government decides need to be our new enemies.

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