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Spree: a poem by Ian McBryde

LIVE BROADCAST LAUNCH – Travel Under Any Star by Venero Armanno


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The West Gate: a poem by Ian McBryde

Back in 2017

rimbaudwritingDue to a perfect storm of commitments Bareknuckle Poet Journal of Letters will resume publishing on a regular basis February 2017.

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COMING SOON: Bareknuckle Poet Anthology Volume 002

Bareknuckle Poet Anthology VOLUME002

World Poetry Day Guest Blog

Bareknuckle Poet 12 monthly stats


In the interests of transparency, and because we are an open access journal, we share with our readers and patrons the yearly reader statistics of Bareknuckle Poet.

In the past 12 months we have had 1279985 hits, which breaks down as follows.

We served 358002 pages to a total of 132966 unique (individual) readers.

That’s about 400 readers a day (average).

In the scheme of things, we are micro-plankton swimming with groupers and whales, but really, not bad for an independent journal publishing for the love of literature.



Bareknuckle Poet Anthology In The News

BKPAnthologyvol012015Dear Readers

Our first annual anthology 2015 received itself a mention in The Australian newspaper’s ‘best books of 2015’ annual wrap in the Weekend Review on December 19 2015:

Bareknuckle Poet, an anthology edited by Brentley Frazer and AG Pettet, is beautifully produced and packed with punchy reading, worth the price alone for two prose pieces, Currawongs by Martin Edmond and Dollarbirds by Melissa Ashley.

The following week the anthology received a third of a page review; an excerpt:

Another, not unrelated, theme running through much of this anthology is a sort of fin-de-siecle decadence, spilling over at times into contemporary grunge. There are 26 pages of Baudelaire translated by Jim Nisbet and ­recurrent images of the young Arthur Rimbaud, drawn (very effectively) by Julian ­Peters. There are also several stories and poems where the sexual dimension — and the ­alcohol — are very much up-front. Mandy Beaumont’s story And They Wanted Us to Love Them is a memorable example.

Note that in the above review that the Cultural Gatekeeper who wrote it rapped our knuckles for a misspelling. We apologise for that and other errors that you may (hopefully not) notice in the first thirty copies that were sent out. We rushed out a print run to have copies available in time for our Howl anniversary reading at Avid Reader on October 06 2015. As luck would have it, the reviewer here ended up with one of those copies. All errors have since been corrected and editions that were discovered to contain errors have a ‘publishers note’ insert. If you have one of those super rare editions and you would like a corrected edition, return to it us and we will replace it for you.

Stay tuned for some fantastic Bareknuckle Books releases in 2016.

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